Monday, May 31, 2010

TWO YEARS! An interview with BENNETT we have been here two years now in Niger! This week stay tuned for a series of interviews with our family on life and living here in Niger as we all answer the questions and you get our different perspectives! Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question you want answered!

Here are some of Bennett’s thoughts on these last two years!!


If you had to describe all that has happened and life in general in just three words...what would those words be?

Hot, animals, fun

What do you like most about living in Niger?

I like going to the Park W, seeing animals all day (goats, donkeys, camels, monkeys, all the animals in this world!). I like playing games with mom and dad, and now I really like bumpy roads, especially when Daddy lets me hold the wheel!

What do you really NOT like about life here in Niger?

I don’t like all the garbage, i don’t like kids who yell at me and follow me when I am just walking on the street, and i don’t like the food sometimes when we go to visit people in their huts.
Also, it makes me angry if someone would pray that they don’t like me. I just want to be their friend! I don’t like it when friends who want to be friends have a friend who doesn’t want friends! (yeah…try to say that 4 times fast!)

What have you learned about yourself in these past two years that maybe you didn't know before?
I can speak French!  I can run really fast too.

I love being Bennett because God made me to be your child Mom. (and what mom wouldn’t melt at that!)


Give me a little snapshot of your week. What kind of things do you do in a normal week?

I spend the morning at school , where i speak French the whole time and do crafts and play and have many friends. I run so fast that they can’t catch me sometimes! Today I even hit myself on the head with my own rock!

I come home for lunch then I nap sometimes even if I don’t want to, or go to the pool, or visit my friend’s house or play games with Arielle until supper. Sometimes we go visit our friends in their huts and I get to play with sticks and make up games where we run around, but sometimes it is hard since those other little kids don’t speak English and they don’t speak French either! Then we have supper together, then we read stories and play with Mom and Dad until it is time for bed!

What are a few of the biggest things you miss about our life back in Canada?
Snow, seeing Grandmas and Grandpas, those little orange goldfish crackers, my dear puppy Sanka, chips with ripples- (here they are all flat!) and all my uncles and aunties.

Any other thoughts you want to share?

No Mom. I am going to play now!


My Mom says this is all weeds, but it is the closest thing to grass I have seen in a long time, and I like it!



Dave said...

We really enjoyed this interview and read it out loud to our girls! Thanks Bennett! I wish I could send you some of those fishy crackers!

Bless you,

Leanne said...

Love it, love it, love it!

That was a neat perspective... we miss you too Bennett!

Auntie Leanne

Anonymous said...

Papa and Gramdma are so proud of you buddy boy McIver. You're a big boy now! You can speak French and you are a great friend to other kids and your sister Arielle. We are so happy that God made you our grandchild. When Papa visits you this Christmas he will bring you lots of fishy crackers and ripple chips. We love you Bennett!
Papa and Gramdma

baresytapas said...

I entered this site by chance, but I found very interesting. A greeting to all the people who visit this page.

Di said...

What an honest look into your livs there. Interesting that the friends of friends who do not want to be friends are what face our kids here in Canada too. Bennet, I am praying that all would see what great little boy you are and want to be your friend. Blessings on you all as you minister in the heat... for being obedient to the call.

Anonymous said...

Just sooo precious and real. heather