Sunday, May 23, 2010

Triplets and snapshots of life

HI there. I thought I would update here with a few shots and insights into our last week.  Stay tuned in a few days for a blog about Rebecca’s African Bush birthday party!

Here is my popcorn. I bought the bag, froze it, opened it a week later, washed it and found hundreds of dead bugs floating to the surface. Yum. Couldn’t quite bring myself to eat it even though i knew they were all dead and washed out. Such is life here, every once in a while we get a bag of sugar, rice, flour or corn that is just full of bugs. Thus the reason we freeze and wash!

This week Bennett conquered the monkey bars! He was so proud to finally make it all the way across!

tea and turtles011


The food aid distribution centre is quiet in the last half of the month. It is monthly rations we give out and the majority of the people come in the first two weeks to pick it all up. So the last couple of weeks we still go, sit and have tea, visit with our National friends who come by, and get some work done. Here is some of the varying degrees of work that was done last week. See if you can guess who got the short end of the stick!


Youssouff is our designated tea maker. He truly makes the best cups of tea! He hangs out and serves tea and visits with us all morning. Yay for tea!tea and turtles008

Paul and Daniel sitting in the courtyard visiting with a group of men.   Paul really looks forward to Wednesdays as he practices language with several of the men he really enjoys and it gets him out of traditional books and memorizing and class for a day!tea and turtles010

This is Zeinaboo, a volunteer from the local community group whose job it is to distribute the oil rations. Not a lot of oil going out today as you can tell!

tea and turtles007Rebecca hard at work. She normally mans the ledger and moneybox with Miriama (in white in photo). As you can tell, they are working hard today too!  Gotta love quiet days!tea and turtles009

And finally there is me. I am working on translating material into Tamasheq for the health teaching sessions and writing them all in a book of lesson plans. This months topic is all about Diarrhoea and Dehydration. People here really think that when you have Diarrhoea and are sick you should totally stop drinking and eating so that it will “dry up”. Very dangerous considering they are already malnourished and susceptible to illness. We have a great lesson this month that teaches them to rehydrate often, and how to make their own ORS using things available at home like water, sugar and salt. I guess someone has got to do some work!! (don’t worry, I took time for tea and some visiting too!)



And now the triplets! This weekend we saw a box of sooo adorable baby turtles for sale. Bennett and Arielle wanted to take another one home, but one Harriet is enough for this family! Harriet is doing well, loves living in our garden and is a friend to all our workers :) They can even tell us her daily patterns in walking around the yard and what makes her “happy!” Gee, I didn’t know they could speak turtle!

 tea and turtles014

tea and turtles013


Ellie said...

Love the turtle pics! Yeah, my son actually thinks the reason we wash rice is "to get the bugs out"!

Jill, Greg, Bob the Dog, and now Kitty the Cat said...

There's an old missionary joke... that I'm sure you've heard and are pretty tired of by now... that you know a new missionary because they throw out the grain and bugs. A missionary that's learned the ropes and been overseas a while will throw out the bugs and eat the grain. A missionary that's been overseas in the field too long will throw out the grain and eat the bugs! You've got a ways to go I see *wink*.

Just need to say again... love your pics... it always makes me homesick for Africa. Love you guys!