Tuesday, May 04, 2010

On Vacation

It has been quiet here on this blog recently, I know! However, we are currently on vacation! If you have followed my pics on facebook you will see some of what we have been up to, but I thought I would post a few here as well.

We are thoroughly enjoying this time away as a family, with family. The chance once a year to get away and refresh, rejuvenate and recharge is vital to us and our capacity to operate at 100% in a tough place like Niger. We need full batteries, and this time away is such a blessing to us, and a lot of fun too! I have been doing a lot of thinking about and reading about compassion fatigue, self-care, recharging and stress relieving, but i will share some of those thoughts later with you. For now, just enjoy a brief photo-journalism look at our trip thus far!









Ellie said...

Oh, it is so fun there! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Di said...

I so love your photo journalism,it touches my heart and inspires me. May God grant you the peace and rest you need!