Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dubai signs

We are just finishing packing up and getting ready to head to the airport. If all goes well, we will be home 24 hours after we leave Paul’s parents. Pray all goes well and our luggage arrives with us. Especially the one with all the frozen bacon and cheddar in it. That would be a bad one to lose for 8 days….

I thought I would leave you with some funnies. The signs here in Dubai are often cause for a double take! Here are some great examples! (A few taken from Bryan’s visit here too)


Internet cafe – Virus, Virus!  - Yeah, like I am really going to want to take my computer or anything in there!

Restaurant – Foul fulawful (meaning Falafel) well if that is the name of your restaurant why would I want to eat there? Foul and awful?

Butcher – Meat trading company! – Bring in your old meat and swap for something different! This is right across the street from the restaurant above so maybe that is why they are so foul and awful!

Window covering shop – Bestfull Window Tracery Co Ltd.

Chinese Goods (Dubai) Ruilin Comprehensive Trading Company -  Comprehensive trading company, provided the only goods you need to trade are hair bands and earrings.

Juijiang Woodpecker Trading Company – and not a  bird in sight…

Zhejiang Guanglu Vibrator Co Ltd. Nope- they didn’t sell those either. It was a hardware store.

A few schools: Smart British Education. As someone in the vehicle said (don’t blame me!) isn’t this an oxymoron?

Another school – Bud’s Private School. Hmm….between this and Smart British Education it is a toss up!

Handyman - U call we fixx. We can fixx it, but we sure can’t spell it!

Hair Saloon. Not just one, but they are all saloon’s instead of salon’s. Maybe they serve beer with their haircuts?

Al Fida Flour Mill. They sell all mattresses. Makes perfect sense right?

And finally – the School of Knowledge. Man, i really need to go there!


Now assuming there is power, internet and we arrive safe and on time (all of which are big if’s!) we will talk to you soon from Niger!



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Love this family pix....and love the people in it. hb