Thursday, May 27, 2010

A birthday party- Africa style!


Last weekend our local friends helped throw a birthday party for our dear Rebecca. Her real birthday was a few weeks ago, but we are always up to celebrate twice!

This is where the party was held. Bush party!!

Rebecca and some of her girls! party061web

Me and Fatimaparty034web


The party was a big draw for the kids. They all know and love Rebecca and they were thrilled to stay up late and enjoy the tea, fire, rice and sauce and music!  

Some kid shots

party069web   party064web  party038






The piece de resistance near the end of the night (well at least the end of the night before us old white folks were tired and went off to bed!) was the cake. Erm….goat. Which was sort of like a cake would be to our party…so i called it the goat cake!

When we got there, the goat was still in the “oven”. Yup, buried in sand, covered in coals and cooking all day.


When the cake, er goat cake, was finally ready to come out, Rebecca got to make the ceremonial first shovel full!


The goat, wrapped in paper and oiled down, was carefully protected and had no sand at all in it. The insides were filled with couscous and spices. Although i am very wary of african cooked outdoor meat stuff, I have to say I tried some and it was quite delicious!


A few more party pics.

party020web   party030

Happy Birthday Rebecca. Hope you liked the goat cake!


Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Awesome photos, and i hope the goat was good!! Greetings from Oman.

Di said...

Loved all the smiling happy faces. Looks like the party was a huge success. Thank you for blessing us with your brilliant photos.

Rebecca said...

yummiest goat cake i've ever had!