Monday, April 12, 2010

Little boys will be ninjas, no matter where they are from.

We just got home from having supper at our friend’s house. In our bedroom, my thermometer tells me it is 36.8 degrees. Wow. Driving home from hut class this afternoon my steering wheel was so hot I considered putting oven mitts in the car for the rest of hot season (good idea Beth!). Yikes!

SO hot season has truly hit with full force. 

So besides all this talk of hot, which will last months now, I thought I would make you smile with pictures of Bennett and his buddy Souliman, and the kids playing. Souliman is the little boy who has terribly bad eczema on his feet, so bad that they crack and bleed and look scaly like a lizard. So we happily keep them stocked with imported “Georges” cream which works wonders and we are happy to report his feet look the best we have seen them in a long time! Bennett and Arielle ran around with 4 other little children (none of them sharing a common language with ours) and had a blast. The got involved in some pretty serious WWF Goat Wrestling which was pretty hilarious to watch. I got video, but sadly can’t upload it. So instead you will have to enjoy some pics!

This is our friends house. Not the mammoth cement house being built in the background, but the small grass shack with black plastic for a roof. See their metal bed with wooden sheet for a mattress next to the door? What a dichotomy.

Bennett and Souliman hamming it up

and giving us their best spontaneous ninja poses! (this was taken seconds before Souliman peeled away to spin and kick and make terrific warrior noises!)


Arielle gets in on the goat wrestling


These two little ones were having their own conversation. Their body language totally says it all. The little boy saying something like “Hey…are you going to put that bowl back in there with the others?” And Raichatou (the little girl) saying “What, do you think I was born yesterday or something? Come on!” Another funny observation. Back home if the little kids run around half naked, it is usually with a pair of underwear and nothing else. Here, it is always a t-shirt and nothing else!

Paul got in on the fun and provided a one man circus by flipping all the kids over and spinning them. They loved it!

One of my favourite little girls, Raichatou. Her parents call her “trouble!” Which was my nickname as a kid too! Isn’t she precious!


So I hope wherever this finds  you, it is cooler than here! Take care!



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Tjosie said...


You guys are doing SO good! Merci mega much!!! Thank you for all the energy you are putting into this ministry . . . for all the creativity and for all the love! Way to go!