Monday, April 19, 2010

Bennett takes the camera

Hi all. We are busy packing here, planning last minute things for the health teaching that will continue while we are gone, and finishing errands and cleaning! So we are a bit busy. Tonight we fly out from Niamey to Aligers, Algeria and then onto Dubai ,UAE. Please pray that this very long flight (24+ hours from our house to their house) will go smoothly and we will get as much as rest as we can, especially for the kids. I am sure I will update you on our vacation as we go too! We are really looking forward to this vacation away to refresh and reinvigorate as a family.

I will leave you with some pictures from Bennett. His Auntie Teresa got him his own rubber camera, which comes with some games, pictures and little preloaded images like crowns, necklaces, frames etc that you can put into your pictures. He has been having a blast taking a hundred or more photos already. (He must be his mother’s son for sure!)  However, he hasn’t quite mastered the idea of standing still, so they are a little blurry! But this is his world in his eyes! Enjoy!


Mom showing him how it worked…


Every boy wants his daddy’s tool chest


His friend Antoine comes to visit


Taking it outside the see our guard and his friends

  DC0040 DC0041

Playing with lego and a few more friends. Lego and friends- what more could a 5 year old want!

DC0162 DC0056

And the best of all, love the little heart frame he picked out to take this picture of his unsuspecting sister, who is drinking her water thermos. DC0139

He is bringing his camera to Dubai – so we will send you some more later!  

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