Sunday, March 07, 2010

A welder’s way to water

I wanted to post to let you all know a little bit about what Paul has been up to as well. These last few months he has been working to build a water well form (which I have mentioned in previous posts). Well a few weeks ago he finished up the form and went out the village to train the locals to start using it!

Here is Paul finishing it up and some up close shots to see it a little better


Apparently the men in the village of Teppe were very happy to get this tool for their wells and were so happy to have something of “great quality! this will not break!!” compared to the usual scrap metal pieced-together things they usually work with. We pray this tool will be able to be used for many years!

So Paul and Peter spent the day out with the men helping to show them how to use the form. If I understand correctly, it is used to make cement rings. These rings are used to line and give structure to hand dug wells that they use for watering their gardens and their animals (and of course who are we kidding- they drink from it too!). Before their wells would often cave in due to the high sand content in the ground. Now their wells can last many seasons!

They dug down the first level of the well and now are positioning the inner ring of mold in the hole.


Wrapping the mold with metal rebar to form a frame for the cement

Putting oil on the mold so that it will release easily from the cement


Mixing the cement by hand- tough work out in the 40 degree sun!


Most of the group at the end of pouring another mold. Many more to come!


So proud of Paul and the way he is taking his skills and knowledge as a welder and general handyman to build things that will make life easier, safer and more productive for the people we work with. He is busy designing hand-washing stations now!

One of Paul’s favorite lines is “If God can use a red-neck welder from Alberta…he can certainly use you!”

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Anonymous said...

Great job Paul - you're not only a 'red neck welder' but a very clever designer. - heather