Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcoming Harriet

While I am busy planning for our aid distribution to begin and a short term team to arrive, I thought I would show you more of Harriet!

We have a new addition to our family – this is Harriet the turtle! She is an African Spurred thigh Sulcata tortoise. She fits nicely in the palm of our hand now, but she will live many years and will grow to be 2-3 feet across!

She loves lettuce and hanging out in the plants and the sun next to our house during the day. We have planted some different kinds of plants behind the house and as they get big and she gets a little bigger, she can roam free there and eat and dig in the sand and stay cool.

She weighs just 300 grams so far!

Writing an email home to her family to let them know she arrived safely


One of her new best friends! The kids love the turtle. They are really good about feeding her everyday and always go out to see if they can find which plant she is hiding under.


So there you have it, our newest member of the family, already fitting in!




Anonymous said...

Have to say 'she's cute' - heather

Anonymous said...

I love your photography! The photos of Harriet are really great!!!

Anonymous said...

So what happens to her when she gets 2-3 feet big??? Do you still keep her in the yard?
Lori Ann

maryann said...

How fun for your kids - love the pics. Maryann Hopf