Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Give that cheese a passport!


Hey there! Sorry we have been a little absent! Month end has been crazy busy! I had been wanting to post this little fun picture and story, so i will do it today!

Everyone who knows me knows that one of the things I miss here in Niger is good old Canadian cheddar cheese. Or American cheddar cheese as a good second option. So when people come and visit, it is not uncommon for me to ask for a block of cheese in their carry-on! One other missionary who came for Christmas even brought me an excellent Christmas present- a block of cheddar and a box of vegetable thin crackers! Only another missionary could know things like that would be great gifts!
Anyhow, my friend Mindi (who is the sister of my dear friend Jill) just moved to Niger  last month with her husband Scott to work in a hospital near the Chad border. Their trip from California to Niger was a long circuitous route that took a month with all their stops, training etc. And a little ways into it (in Guam) they bought me a block of cheddar cheese! That cheese traveled with them for at least two weeks, making pit stops in the fridges of everywhere they stopped. They were in Nairobi, Kenya for some training when some riots broke out and they got evacuated out of the country, and even in all that stress in the middle of the night evac- they got someone to open the cafeteria fridge so they could get the cheese! What good friends :) So I am happy to report that the cheese (and Mindi and Scott!) all made it safely.  Thanks for thinking of me and how much I love cheese!

Give that cheese a passport!!



Carrie said...

So funny!

Jill, Greg, Bob the Dog, and now Kitty the Cat said...

I remember Mindi mentioned she brought you cheese, but I didn't realize the real story behind it. Fun post. And we are glad the cheese, Mindi, and Scott got to Niger safely!

Anonymous said...

LOL....My kinda cheese..I mean - my kinda people...what a trip...it is now considered 'aged and well travelled'...enjoy - heather :)