Sunday, March 21, 2010


These last 3 days the dust here in Niger has been horrific. Smaller airplanes can’t fly, you look at the streets and see all the people driving motorcycles with their mouths and noses covered (usually with those travel eye sleep covers- funny!) and you can’t see more than 300m away. I have been in some quick and bad sand storms here, but this is hanging on for days. Bennett and Daddy are coughing lots and being bothered in their noses and throats. The burning smell is awful too as their is no garbage disposal really here except to let it burn! The sun is gone, the sky is all orange/grey and the temperatures is down 4-5 degrees (yay for that!) and only 34 outside this afternoon.

We are expecting Visitors on the Air France flight this afternoon, so I hope it can land!

I noticed a few other Niger bloggers also commenting on the same thing. I haven’t taken any photos so I thought I would borrow a few of theirs, and send you a link to read!

Our next two weeks look to be very VERY busy with visitors, teaching hygiene lessons in Tamasheq and the beginning of our Urban Food Distribution program. Please hold us up in your prayers and pray for the health of our visitors too!

Another Niger blog about the dust:

Pics from friends in Niger this week:



And just to make the air quality worse- burning garbage everywhere!


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