Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Cockroach, A Carnival and Contraptions!

A Cockroach-

I am not afraid of bugs. I kill large biting ants, termites, mosquitoes and spiders with frightening regularity. But cockroaches…..something about those guys just makes me run the other direction! Thankfully here in our house we have had very few. With last nights cockroach that makes 4 that I have seen in the house in just under 2 years. Not bad!

Bennett was headed to bed and went to the bathroom and came running out yelling about a big bug. I went to investigate and this is what I found…

We had left the drain cap off the shower and I think that is where he crawled up. He was about 1.5 inches long. *shudder* He ran around the bathroom and I tried to just keep him there until Paul came to “deal with it!”. However, he ran under the door and into our bedroom and headed towards the kids sleeping mats. So i grabbed this large leather stick that is used for driving camels (an ugly gift that hangs on the back of our door for some unknown reason) and started wacking away!  And the score is Chantelle 1 – Cockroach 0.

Gah- still hate cockroaches though!

A Carnival-

This morning the French school that Bennett attends had it’s annual Carnival. It is called a “Kermesse”.

As soon as we got there the kids went and got their faces printed. Arielle wanted a mask.Bennett didn’t want a lion or tiger or anything since he said they were too scary and instead pointed to the picture of a Christmas tree and said he wanted that!

Here are a bunch of photos from the activities. As you can see there was fishing for ducks, throwing wet sponges at Daddy, can bowling, sack races and a lot of other activities. And of course the snack table!

Arielle and two of the kid’s best friends- Ophelia and Callista   


Surprisingly, both kids enjoyed taking a turn or two riding the horses. Arielle had a moment of panic when she first got up, but was a real good rider after that. Bennett took to it like a natural too!



Two quick things to show you.

Paul is making headway on our tippi-tap design. This low-tech hand-washing station will be delivered to 60 families at the end of the month to coincide with the beginning of our urban food aid distribution.

And the second contraption to show- our outdoor trusty thermometer. I had it sitting in the sun, and this is what it said. 52 degrees (125 F)!! Yikes! And it is only just the beginning of hot season- it is going to get hotter!!


Ellie said...

I remember those temperatures, and believe me, you have my sympathies!

Oh, and when I sleepily read your post title, I thought it said, "Cockroaches, Carnival, and contraceptives"!! :)

The Five Nomads said...

Love, love the Christmas tree. Adorable and hilarious! Can't believe it is that hot already. Cold here, Mags is freezing all the time and wearing three jackets at once. ttyl, b

Tiffany Shanks. said...

Chantelle, I hate cockroaches almost as much as you do, I will kill them but I refuse to pick them up, I am always afraid they are not completely dead and that they will run up my arm. I would rather let the ants eat it. I killed one last night in our bathroom and Jesse killed another one in our bathroom. They are taking over.

Ellie said...

My son kept one as a pet in a glass jar and took it for walks every day out to the garden to show it the flowers and leaves growing. Then he tripped and dropped the jar over a staircase, and the "poor cockroach" died. Loud wails were heard - so loud that I came running thinking he had died! We mourned the cockroach, and secretly, I celebrated. But God heard the wails of the heartbroken boy, and the cockroach revived from the apparent death. So we got him a plastic jar where he lived out his days in relative peace.

Ugh! Still gives me the shudders that jar on my son's bedside table! He's moved on to geckos, spiders, and all sorts of bugs. We gave him a room away from everyone else now! Any wonder he wants to grow up to be an entomologist?

Still, the worst cockroach encounter was when four of them climbed my legs in the shower at a guest house, and I - can't blame me! - took off streaking and shrieking down the hall towards my husband! So, so, so thankful the guest house was empty at that time!