Friday, March 05, 2010

Bennett turns 5!

Today is a big day in our house. It is Bennett’s 5th Birthday! I can’t believe that so much time has passed already, that my sweet little baby is all boy now and a bundle of energy, long legs and words as fast as his little mouth can form them! He definitely gets his talking from his mother I am told, but I think he gets his handsome looks from his father!

Here is the day you were born

And here is you today!


SO for all those readers out there, let me tell you a little bit about who Bennett is!


Bennett has a very gentle heart.  If Arielle is hurt he kisses it better, and cries too when she is in trouble. I love how soft his heart is. You love animals and you love your sister more than anything.


Everyday you still run to us for hugs and kisses. If anyone is sick you are the first to “snuggle” and comfort us. One of my favourite expressions of yours is “Mom, my heart feels like it wants to snuggle you!” You sure know how to make our day!


You love to be the helper. I have so many photos and memories of you helping making breakfast or cookies or something. You love to get out the stool and grab the wooden spoons and be the stirrer! You love to lick the beaters for batter when we are done. If Dad has a project outside, you are right there next to him. You love to hammer nails, hold things level, dig holes and do whatever else he asks. I think you will be a wonderful “helper” for people in life, just like your Dad and Grandpa are. I am so glad that runs in the family! You want to serve people.


He is an equal opportunity kind of kid. For his dinner time dish set, he likes his Lighting McQueen set just as much as the Princess set. Sometimes he wants pink, other times he wants blue.


He is a competitive kid. He wants to run faster, he wants to read on his own since he loves books, he wants to drive the truck himself, get himself dressed and pack his own snacks for school. He is very social and has many many friends at school. And…after only a year and a half in the French system, he can speak French all day long with his little friends! While he is not yet bilingual, he is well on his way! We are so proud of you Bennett how you are fearless to speak. Your teacher says you are always one of the first to shoot up your hand to answer questions, even if you stumble in the French a little bit with your answer. You are fearless.


Here are some of the more recent “Bennett-isms” that you come up with!



I am going to give everyone a turn and a chance to play with me. I am sharing myself!


Look Mom, that African was actually nice and let you in! (while driving)


I love you more than all the people in the whole world, even in Ouagadougu!

My heart is wanting to just snuggle with you! I will love you and snuggle you every day even when I am big. First you, then Daddy, even when I am big!


(After we spent a whole day with French friends and you talk French all day long to their kids) – Mom, I need to marry someone English when I grow up, because you know, I can’t speak French!

Mom, can Harriet the turtle sleep with us at night now?



So Happy Birthday to my favourite little buddy boy in the whole world. You mean the world to us and we love you!

Love Mom and Dad and Arielle


Lana Voeller Photography said...

You never have a loss for the perfect words my friend.... and friend to friend and mother to mother.. you brought tears to my eyes when I read how you write about Bennett and his wonderful ways.. love all of it...
and of course love all the shots of him.. truly shows those of us who have not met him yet how wonderful he is.. it gives me hope that our kids will continue to grow and love as we do...
xoxox to you and your wonderful family..
can't wait till our paths cross again my friend it has been far to long... although we will catch up soon on e-mail.. lol.. thank god for that...

Nay Nay said...

I know I am a bit late but Happy belated birthday Bennet! And Chantelle what beautiful pics your children are so blessed to have a mommy as talented as you to document their memories! May the Lord Bless you with many more to come and I can't wait to see them ;-) <3 Renee