Thursday, February 18, 2010

A wedding through their eyes

A week or so ago I went to the wedding of one of the other girls in my hut class. Fatimatou is in her early twenties and this is not her first marriage. It still is a shock to see how young the girls are married off, and no surprise at all when those early marriages fail and they run home.

Rebecca and I and the kids headed over one Sunday morning and spent a good chunk of the day hanging out, eating, dancing, chatting in Tamasheq and enjoying the company of the group. After fulfilling our obligations to visit with the bride to be (who is hidden away and doesn’t talk while they braid her hair) and the older women, we went off the to school room that they had taken over for the party for the young people. We knew a lot of the younger people and had a great time. I brought my little point and shoot camera and took a few pictures, but a bunch of the girls kept taking my camera. So I showed some of them how to use it and gave up the control. I was really interested to see what kind of pictures they would take. So all the following pictures were taken by these young girls. Enjoy!

Bennett and Arielle getting in on the dancing

  All the kids hanging around the edges of the classroom  


Our meal. Everyone had big platters of macaroni with a bit of red sauce and a few precious pieces of meat. This was their feast.


Rebecca getting in on the dancing as well

Bennett hanging out with the rest of the kids


Then I went outside the window where we had great light and took a few of the children too



Also- an update on baby Abdoul-Nassr. Baby and Mom are at home now and the baby is doing well. The mother still has no appetite and isn’t eating or drinking much- thus she still has very little milk. Please pray she would regain her strength and get good milk production.


Beverley McIver said...

Did anyone get a picture of the bride?

Chantelle said...

she is hidden away with the older women while they braid her hair and she veils her face and appears "sad" so no pictures!