Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Grain Aid Program PART TWO

So here we are, talking again about our team Grain Aid Program.

If you missed part one yesterday, check out this link-


So what are our objectives?

1- Ensure availability! Even when the markets run out and grain is hard to find, we will ensure a stock for our 3 communities.

2- Ensure access! Even when prices spike well above normal (following normal rules of supply and demand- since there is so little supply this year-demand will cause prices to spike) our 3 communities will be able to purchase cheap grain. Each urban family will get one 100kg sack of millet at a highly reduced price, 4 boxes of milk at reduced prices and 10L of free oil (which has high nutrition and fat content that they need!). This will free up their money to purchase other household necessities and hopefully add in other vegetables and food items as we help them to meet their basic needs. The villages will get large sums of grain (1600kg per month) and they will distribute it out themselves to their needy families on a kg by kg basis.

3- Build those relationships and train them! We are partnering with local community groups to roll out these programs. We are involving them at every step and teaching them how to run the programs, work with beneficiaries, and how to work together well as committees. they have the desire to help their people, but often lack the skills to know how to effectively do that. Also, because our ministry and work here is built on relationships, the amount of time we will be able to spend with “our people” during these next 8 months will be wonderful for language acquisition, solidifying relationships and making new friends, and sharing life with them. As recipients come and go once a week at our distributions, we look forward to times of sharing, hanging out, sharing tea, and praying for any needs they may have!


How in the world will we roll this out?

For the village locations- our staff will visit either weekly or bi-weekly to deliver the grain stocks for that month. During this time we can visit families, talk with the chief, do little mini-surveys to find out the impact of the program and follow up with any problems. This is an excellent opportunity to be present and spend time in these two village locations. Please pray for Kristi especially as she will be doing a lot of driving!


For the Urban distribution, we have secured a warehouse in a location that is central to the recipients. Check out a few pictures of it (not yet set up!)

4 rooms that look like this (no electricity is hooked up but our distributions are in the day anyhow!)


A big front courtyard area. We will set up a shaded hangar where we will spend the day, check stock lists, take money and offer training. It looks pretty messy right now, but we have big things planned!


Our Urban distribution centre will be open every Wednesday starting March 31st. Every family has a certain amount they can claim each month, and they might come and pick it up all at once, or else they might come get a part of it each week as they have the time and funds for the subsidized food. They will bring their own containers to pick up the free oil and we are working on a plan to help them transport the 50kg or 100kg sacks of grain back to their homes. That is a lot to carry on their backs! We have an idea brewing using community volunteers and support with donkey carts.


Stayed tuned for tomorrow as we talk more about what kind of training topics we will offer the people in the urban centre and ways that you can personally be involved!!



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