Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bits of life

Since we have been so busy finishing off a big project proposal these days and Paul is working hard on a water well forms project, I thought I would at least post a few pics of life to show what we are up to!

Paul’s language class room and tool shop room

The metal forms for a water well project that Paul is building


Visiting local friends and families



Attending Hut class. We are just about to finish our first booklet and start numbers and math next!


My “war room” where I have spent a huge amount of time this past month working on writing a proposal for the Famine Grain Aid program. It just got approved yesterday so I will write more soon and tell you all about it!


The kids enjoyed the joint birthday party of two of their closest friends!


And some fun little pictures!

I was SHOCKED to wander into one of the piddly little grocery stores here that caters to expatriates and find this. Pure Maple Syrup- even a product of Canada! WOW! It was quite pricey (about $13 for 250ml), but what a find! It is odd how sometimes something bizarre or “North American” suddenly appears on the shelves for a month or two, and then it is gone again forever. So we jump on those chances when we can. I even found a box of Cheerios this past week. How funny that things like that excite us now. Haha. Shows how sad our grocery stores are I guess!

And finally- welcome to our appliance store! These are all brand new fridges for sale. On the side of the road. In the dirt.

Talk to you later!



Lana Voeller Photography said...

We love the last few posts.. Paige and I always look to see what other animals you have found.. she loved the elephants.. I am so jelous and in aww of your beautiful experiences.. so proud for you and happy that you guys have been able to do such wonderful work while you are there.. not to mention the elephants.. wow.. what beautiful shots you got... love them all.. can't wait to hear more about your program.. catch up soon girlfriend.. xoxoxo to you guys stay safe.. from baboons as well as anything else out here.. {that part sounds scary..,} bad baboons...

Di said...

So glad to hear that the grain proposal has been approved. Have been praying for some time on that one. Say hi to Lisa... Good work you are all doing over there! God is GOOD!