Friday, January 22, 2010

Giraffes, Giraffes and more Giraffes

Last week we had an opportunity to go the Giraffe Reserve Park about an hour outside of Niamey. Last time we went was December of 2008, so i was due for a return trip! As always, the animals did not disappoint! These are all mostly un-edited shots since I am running short of time, but enjoy a little insight into these spectacular creatures!

How many giraffes can you see in this picture? (Answer at bottom of the post!)


Giraffes01_3  A giraffe taking a nap so peacefully

My friend Kari, who is also an avid photographer. We were like kids in a candy store with our gear and giraffes!




I think he thought he was camoflage behind this tree… 


Taking a few last shots as they start to head off in another direction.Giraffes05_13

And finally they slowly move off into the distance. What an amazing day!

And the answer to the question at the beginning- 8 giraffes in that one photo! The largest grouping we came across was 20 giraffes.


BJ McIver said...

What great shots!! These brought back so many wonderful memories of our visit with you to see them just before Christmas 2008!! Definitely one of God's most beautiful, gentle and graceful creatures. And like snowflakes--- no two have the same spot patterns!! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! heather

Cheryl said...

cool! great shots.

Nay Nay said...

so beautiful giraffes are one of the most amazing, proof of a creator creation God has made! Would love to come and experience that!

Carrie said...


Pamela said...

So unbelievably beautiful...what a blessing that would have been for you! Thanks for sharing.

melissa said...

I LOVE giraffes (they've always been my favorite animal)!

found your blog on the WoTH blogroll.