Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Would you like some bugs with your rice?


I find it funny the types of things that you can adapt too. Those things that once startled you, or grossed you out, but are now just “normal”. I find the longer I live here in Africa the more that some of those things become normal to me. Take rice for example. We buy rice in bulk. It ALWAYS has bugs in it. And not just a few. No matter where we buy our rice, how much we pay or what quality it is, it always has bugs in it. So we wash our rice thoroughly before we cook it. I wash it probably about 5-6 times until the water is clear and there are no more bugs floating up to the top. Those suckers can’t swim and thus i dump them down the drain with the waste water. Tonight Paul made rice and saw the bowl swarming with these little bugs when he first poured it out of the bag. I didn’t have my main camera out to take a good pic, but this gives you the idea. In a platter the size of a large plate we had probably 30-40 bugs.


This is our rice stockpile. We bought a 50kg bag, gave about half away, and now have 25kg in large ziplock bags. We know all these bags have bugs in them. And we will wash, then cook, then eat it anyways.


Thankfully I have found a flour vendor who very rarely has bugs in his flour, and sugar isn’t usually a problem either, but I still put both of those in the freezer for at least 24 hours before I use them and sift the flour. Just part of life living here!!


So….wanna come over for supper :)




Ellie said...

It's just extra protein!

You can also cook it for a few minutes in an oven if you have one, flour too, and it kills the bugs and the eggs. Won't get them out, but will keep them from reproducing!

Beverley McIver said...

I completely understand. We even have bugs in the flour here. I can now sift them out and just use the flour to bake without flinching!! It's called "adapting to life where you are!!" And yes, we would GLADLY come over for supper. You serving pancakes??!!

Teresa said...

weevils are better than cockroaches! Multigrain cookies hide the cooked weevils ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...guess I'm not that adaptable - that's why He has me on this side of the world. I'll RSVP some other time :0 love and hugs - heather

Carrien said...

I've got those here. One bad bag of sticky rice and the little things took up residence in my cupboards and I can't get rid of them. They invade everything not triple wrapped.