Monday, December 07, 2009

Run and Ride Race!

I mentioned in my recent newsletter that we sent out that Paul was involved in a 16km team race a few weekends ago. The course went from in Niamey to a restaurant by the river 16km out of town. Paul paired up with his friend Niell (pronounced Nile like the river) who is the director of Concern International here in Niger. Over the 16km course, one of them had to be riding and one riding the bike the whole time. They had to leave together and arrive together and finish together. So they could trade off riding and running as often as they wanted, but they had to make it to the end together! Considering they just heard about the race the Wednesday before it began, I think they did pretty well! (Paul said that what they lacked in training, they would make up in sheer determination from a Scotsman and Irishman!)

I found some pictures posted on the web group page of the French group that organized the race and thought I would post some here for your viewing pleasure.


At the starting line with another team who are friends of ours

Niamey 073

Headed out. Run Paul run!!




Coming in together at the finish line


Good job guys!


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Anonymous said...

It's this type of commitment that has your partners standing along with you in your ministry. Good job Paul.