Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hut class party!

As some of you know, we hosted a party here a few days ago for the women involved in our hut class project. I wasn’t sure how many were going to show up, how much food to make, etc. But in the end it all worked out even better than we had hoped! We had 17 women and 5 children show up.(Any some of their husbands hung out outside the gate with Paul talking, wishing they could join the “women’s only” party!

We began with a meal. We had big platters of rice with veggie and meat sauce, followed by gingersnap cookies, popcorn, nuts and oranges. The food was a hit!


All the shoes piled out outside the terrace, and baby gets a perfect seat – in a toy dumptruck!


Making tea for 17!

We also put on a picture show showing some shots of nature from Canada to show them where we live, pictures of our families and a bunch of animals from Canada. They had a good time trying to guess what some of the animals were, but they think they have a moose-like animal here in the desert too! We also listened to the Christmas story together in Tamasheq and shared a little bit about how and why that holiday was celebrated. They loved looking at our Christmas tree that I had pulled onto the terrace too!

  Good friends and forging closer bonds. That’s a big part of what this was all about!


Let the dancing begin! The Tuaregs love to dance, especially to their own music groups (of which there are a few with CDs out) and once we put on the music, they all were laughing and dancing, and holding hands and showing us some moves. We had such fun! Sadly, the rhythm I lack in dancing in Canada, continues to escape me here in Africa! haha!



  The hostesses of the night, tired out but we had a great time! Thanks to all of those who prayed for this evening to be a big success, we think your prayers were answered!


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Anonymous said...

I felt the excitement from the pictures..once again you take us right into your lives thru' your pix Chantelle. I love it. heather