Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Photojournalism

Since this last month leading up to the holidays has been very busy, I thought I would put together another pictorial of events to save you all the reading!

Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope you had a wonderful holidays with people you cherish!


Decorating the house!

We made mostly all homemade ornaments this year and had a blast doing it!



Visiting our Nigerien friends!


Paul pretending to ride a camel with his sabre…

Paul and Youssouf

HutParty01 copy

Some of the children who live under Youssouf’s roof (or patchwork fabric ceiling as the case may be)Dec29-2


Rebecca helping make the meal with Miriama and her family

This poor little girl Zainaboo had a cold and snotty nose and the flies were all over her face. Sadly, she didn’t even seem to care.


Gift buckets to our employees and language helpers



Making our own traditions and celebrating the season!!

Candlelight Christmas service

Visiting Santa (at the American Rec. Centre) and opening stockings Christmas morning

Team supper with our African Directors and special guests!




The gift that will last for years! (we hope!)

Over the past few months (and some pre-planned items we brought with us over 2 years ago!) Paul and I worked to build the kids a play kitchen area. The kids woke up Christmas morning and when we brought them into their playroom to see it all set up, they were speechless! That of course lasted a whole 10 seconds and then it was hours of non-stop talking and laughing while they made meals, cooked things and had a blast. Bennett even woke up the next morning early and told us he was dreaming all night of making us food and he got right back at it! (Thanks to Grandma Bonnie for many of the food items she packed up for us to make this a big hit!) This is the stove and cupboard/sink and table set. We hope to add a fridge to the mix for their birthdays in March!



Serving their first customers…


And just some current events, as I write this Paul is outside in our yard with a work crew! A bunch of guys are getting together for two days here (where the tools and welder are!) to build a piece of playground equipment for the expat Christian school here in Niamey. Paul is thrilled to be able to spend a few days with these guys, using his hands and doing some good ‘ole manual labour! This is a gift in itself!


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Anonymous said...

There will be years of pleasure in the play room. I've never forgotten the one I had as a child. heather