Thursday, December 10, 2009

Camping in photojournalism

I am trying to get caught up on posts after a whirlwind November – so without much commentary- here is our camping trip!

camping01 copy


The new camping standy- Arabic tea


Magic fire – green and purple!


We finally get to use our hammock. We bought this hammock on our honeymoon in Ecuador in 2000 and have barely used it. Love this thing!

camping05 copy

The view from my hammock


The view from my hammock in use


The neighbours doing their laundry



Out walking with friends


The little restaurant a walk away with friends



Bennett loved riding his bike on all the dirt roadscamping16small

You don’t want these thorns in your tires, shoes or anywhere. They hurt!!


And last but not least – our late night visitor outside our camp ground! Happily eating grass!



Ellie said...

Now the hippo takes the cake! Wow!

I want a hammok like that. Grew up with one, and really want one now, but no way to get such a thing. Yours looks comfortable there, but I am wondering what the reaction of people is looking at it. Is it a common thing there at all? Maybe you'll start a new trend!

Chantelle said...

Our camp ground is one of the few places that is fairly remote and thus we don't have a lot of prying eyes except where the villagers do their laundry one spot over. I think they would love the hammock idea!

cdoell said...

I just got up out my hammock from Ecuador 5 min. ago. Best piece of furniture in the house. I especially like the picture of the hammock in action.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've heard what is being said about hippos? heather

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've heard what is being said about hippos? heather

Steve & Kerri said...

I'm not sure what's worse, bears in your campground or hippos?

suzanne said...

Hey, Chantelle - love the picture with the pop! Coke in glass bottles and orange FANTA were my favs in Chad! Thanks again for posting such great pictures and sharing your life with us.