Monday, November 30, 2009

The Sand dunes

One of our favourite places to go is just outside of Niamey (20 minute drive?) and there is a giant sand dune. We go there with teams, friends, and just by ourselves sometimes!

Here are some pictures taken a few weeks ago when we went with the Edmonton short term team. My one lens is broken so some of these photos are being shared with permission from Jon Ng (who was on the short term team and has awesome camera equipment too!) thanks for sharing Jon!

Coming up to sunset. I love the silhouettes and especially this one where you can see Bennett chugging water in the middle!


Arielle playing in the sand for hours. She loves the dunes!

dunesblogpost14 copy


Bennett rolled for hours and came home with sand in every crack and crevice. His best line of the night – “Mom, why is there even sand in my bum now??”



The Cheung girls got in on the fun too


And don’t kid yourself, the adults had a blast too! All the guys spent a good half hour launching themselves off the sand dunes at the steepest point and trying to capture action shots on film. I took the plunge once and launched myself off at full speed and landed on my head and ate lots of sand. I am soooo coordinated :P Paul was much more graceful!


Me and Rebecca

dunesblogpost15 copy

Our team and the SEAC team enjoying one of our last nights together!



Can you see the letters? Here is the team spelling out their name. SEAC (with an exclamation point at the end)





All about the love

The Dunes is a romantic place :)

Jon and Alicia walking into the sunset. I crazy love this photo!


Paul and I enjoying a sunset moment !



Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day wherever you are and enjoy a little view of the amazing Dunes!!

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Great pictures again Chantelle. heather