Thursday, October 08, 2009

The view from outside the City

While I enjoy living in the city of Niamey, with all the people, mixed cultures, market experiences and little luxuries (electricity!) that brings, I do also really enjoy getting out of town on excursions!

We got out of town 3 times this month, always with different people to different places, and really had a good time. We went back out hiking to the rocks across the bridge out of town again this month with Jordanne Tjosvold. The kids love Auntie Jordanne and had a blast climbing around with her.

Then these three girls approached us. They had been walking back to their village carrying loads of firewood.

girls3webWe were in the process of digging a hole to hide a new geocache, so we quickly finished up while Paul distracted them with throwing rocks with the kids off the edge of the cliff and they joined in throwing rocks and had fun. I don’t think they noticed we were hiding anything. haha! They spoke minimal french but the art of charades served us well once again. We gave them a few cookies and hung out and they happily posed for me a few times and then walked with us back down the hill towards our truck when we were down. They were so beautiful and vibrant!




Another weekend we went out of town the opposite direction with the Brooks family. We are looking to rent a little piece of land by the river with them where we can go camping.  Turns out there is no new one available yet that we liked, but there are two families who share a spot (with one other family) that are gone for a year, so we are taking over their lease until they get back. woohoo- cool camping under the mango trees here we come!

The camping spot (the river is just in the background behind the trees)

The little storage shed and cement table. We also have a little solar shower tent. Good thing we brought our camping supplies!

And Bennett loves all the trees that are there to climb! It is significantly cooler under the trees compared to in the sun and we can’t wait for our first trip out!

Exploring the area around the campsites… I felt a little like an actor in the  “children of the Corn” movie.

This is millet, the main staple crop for Niger.

Our camping partners!

Then on the way home we decided to take “a shortcut”. You know what that means….we were slightly lost :) Rather than heading back to the main road, we took the meandering road through the crops, through villages and eventually found our way back to town. What an adventure! We took wrong turns, got stuck in a traffic jam of goats, had children chase us and villagers wave and have big huge smiles. They joys of the bush!




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