Saturday, September 26, 2009


I want to introduce you to a little boy named Halid. He is 6 or 7 years old and he is the oldest son of the main guard at our office/guesthouse facility. A few days ago he got a cut on his leg and despite being told by his father, the mother didn't seek any medical attention for it. This evening the son was brought to our team doctor with a bad infection and was immediately sent to get medical care at a hospital clinic since we couldn’t provide that level of urgent care. Paul headed out to meet them and to ensure the doctors knew the bills would be paid and to see if he could help. He reported back from this clinic that Halid was not responding and was almost comatose and in very grave danger with a likely blood infection. We started praying here and sent our an email to some of you to join us in prayer for Halid.

After we sent out a prayer request for Halid via email, we got a call last night from the clinic that they wanted to give Halid a tetanus shot and a few other things. However, they did not have any of that medication in stock. So Paul went to the clinic to get a written prescription of all the medicines they needed, then he went into town to a pharmacy and bought the meds, then returned with them to the clinic so they could give them to Halid. Once again we were struck by the fact that even clinics and hospitals here have medicine shortages and it is not uncommon for them to be "out". Can you imagine that!

Paul and Halid's dad (Dalain) held down the boy while they gave him the tetanus shot and Paul was thankful to note that the doctor was very gentle and did it very slowly to cause the minimum amount of pain for Halid. Halid was in and out of consciousness. We got them into a room and Dalain stayed the night. This morning at 9am Paul went back to the clinic and got an update. We rejoice to say the Halid made it through the night! The results from tests came back and confirmed that he has a very serious blood infection and also malaria. When we spoke about this to our team doctor Ace confirmed that without immediate treatment and hospitalization, Halid would not have lived more than 24 hours. By the time I am writing this to you now, he would have died. Again I was struck deep in my heart how incredibly privileged we are to be here, to be serving God and these people, and making a real difference like this. Paul has been back to the clinic 3 times today. Halid is responding the medication for the blood infection and to treat his malaria. He was awake and speaking this evening. Dalain has not left his side. We see in this man such a true deep love for his children in the way he strokes his son's hair, wept while carrying him to the clinic and hasn't left his side. Going through these types of situations together creates a great bond where we can truly show how much we love these people. Halid will be in the hospital for 3 days as a minimum to ensure he recovers enough to be able to go home. It looks like we caught the infection in time and he will recover. I am so touched by God's amazing gift to us, to be able to be here, to be able to do this. Left to their own resources and finances, Dalain's family would have struggled to be able to afford even the first rounds of medication and treatment.

Your support of Global Advance allows us to be here, and your gifts to our Work Special allow us the freedom to bless the people around us by supporting them in their times of need with medication, hospital fees, etc. We truly can't thank you enough. And tonight we can put a name and face to those blessings. You have made the difference.

Please continue to pray for Halid, for his full recovery, and for God to be glorified fully through this situation and that it would open doors in our relationships. I have attached a photo of Halid taken this evening.



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andrea said...

What an incredible story about the very real difference you are making in people's lives - thank you for sharing. A