Monday, August 03, 2009

Niger situation

Hello again! I just wanted to communicate to all of you out there about the current situation in Niger. Please continue to think about and lift up our teammates and friends who are currently there in the midst of all this, and pray for peace in the country.

Mr Tandja (the current President) has recently dissolved parliament and the constitutional court to push through his referendum plan. He wants another term in office which is against the constitution and been deemed illegal by everyone else in the country basically. Thus the reason he assumed "emergency powers" and took over by force saying the country was at risk if his plan to get another term of power didn't go through. Gee...haven't we heard all this before played out in numerous countries across Africa?

Please pray for Niger and our team-mates. There has already been escalating demonstrations and unrest and we are unsure what the today will bring, which is the actual day of the illegal referendum. Things could go sour quickly, or the day may pass quietly. We just don't know!

Thank you for partnering with us and caring for Niger.

Here are links to a few news articles to read more: (actually the link feature doesn't seem to want to cooperate but you can copy and paste into your browser)

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