Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lost baggage woes

HI there. We are back in Niamey! And not without the drama of travelling,but more on that later. Right now we are frustrated. When we arrived Friday afternoon, none of our checked bags arrived with us. Thankfully we had a house full of clothes and toothbrushes,etc here in Niamey so that was alright. I wondered about the state of my beloved cheddar cheese sitting somewhere in a hot cargo hold lost though. They said the bags would arrive with the next Paris-Niamey Air France flight, which was this afternoon. This flight goes Paris-Niamey-Ouagadougu-Niamey-Paris as it’s route. It picks up new passengers in Ouaga and Niamey on the way back to Paris. Anyhow, 7 of the 8 pieces of luggage arrived this afternoon on the Paris-Niamey connection as promised. Surprisingly at the time, one piece, a large action packer, did not arrive. They said it had left Paris with the other luggage and maybe it got put with the Ouagadougu luggage and thus didn’t get off in Niamey with the rest of it. So we called back tonight when that flight returned to Niamey, only to be told that the bag wasn’t there. *sigh* Now this has to be the worse piece of luggage we could have “lost”. It has the projector in it for our work here (and personal movie enjoyment!) as well as a bunch of tool stuff, bike stuff, the kids malaria medication for 3 years and a bunch of other assorted things that we can’t find here in Niamey to replace, nor can we afford to. SOooo frustrating that they don’t seem to know what happened to it, and no one will give us any answers.  Maybe the next flight they say? Who knows at this point how it got separated so suspiciously. Please pray for us that this bag will arrive. We really can’t replace those things here and who knows what kind of poor insurance claim they will give to us anyways. The good thing about having a very detailed shopping list when we were home is I do have a fairly good list of all the items that we are missing. So yeah, please pray that this bag will find it’s way back to us in Niamey, that would be really great.

And my head is better mostly. I got hit in the head with a falling 30 pound bag from the overhead bins that split my head open and bled (only about 2cm cut) when we landed in Paris. Good times folks. Nothing like International travel to spice up your life!!

Thank you for standing in the gap with us. More later on the time in Canada, our return, etc.


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andrea said...

If we can help... buy replacement things, mail things... let me know. A

PS. Glad you all made it home together.