Sunday, June 14, 2009

Best packaging EVER!

Every little care package and gift and encouragement we get here is always really appreciated and celebrated. We have been the recipients of some wonderful boxes!!
Recently, two team members went to the Arabian Peninsula for a conference and vacation a month ago, and brought us back goodies! You see, Paul's parents work there, and they were more than happy to have "cargo carriers" to bring us back some love! We loved all the goodies and candy and useful things they sent back. One thing we had requested was a set of speakers that we could plug our iPod into to act as both speakers for music and an alarm clock in the morning. It was perfect to get it from them since they live in a country that uses 220v power as well, so no need to fuss with adaptors and transformers!


After we had unpacked the stuff they had sent us we had supper and got the kids ready for bed and I happened to pick up the box. We hadn't opened it up yet as I knew it was the speaker set. When I picked it up I thought "wow...this box is really heavy". So we opened it up and look what awaited us!! They had taken out all the traditional, boring and inedible packaging of foam or plastic and replaced it with koolaid packs, oreo cookie packs, Coffee Crisp bars (Paul's favorite!) and coffee! So the speakers were still nice packaged in to avoid damage, but this is some of the most fabulous packing material ever! Thanks mom and Dad! A good idea for those of you out there who may know other people who live overseas too. If you ever have packages to send...think of how they might like this "alternative packing material!!"

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Judy said...

Wow! That's awesome to recieve those extras! Tim Hortons coffee no less!