Monday, May 04, 2009

My buddy Souliman


I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite little friends here. His name is Souliman and he is the second youngest child of my night guard Ismaguil. He is 3 years old. We first met Souliman shortly after we got here when we got the scary call one night that he wasn't breathing and they needed our help (vehicle) to get him help. Paul rushed over to their hut and found him lying on the floor. Paul's heart sank as he thought that he was too late. However, he was still breathing, although struggling. We discovered he had whooping cough and taught them how to treat it.

As we slowly spent more time with this family while learning the language and hanging out, we learned what a joy this child has. Every single time we come to his place as soon as he sees me his face lights up and he runs full speed up to me with open arms to be lifted up into a big hug. He insists on sitting right next to me as much as possible. He doesn't care if we bring treats or not, he is just genuinely happy to be with us. If Bennett is there he follows Bennett everywhere and can't wait to play with him. I will get a video loaded here if I can soon and you can see him discovering bubbles for the first time in his life. A thrilling experience.

Another thing about Souliman is that he suffers from really horrible skin eczema.  I have never seen a case so bad. If you look at the photo below you can see his arms and legs are blotchy and discolored with rough dry patches and flakes that itch. At times his feet and ankles were so full of infection and puss that he couldn't even walk. My poor little friend.




A closer look at the skin on his lower leg.



Through the generosity of some of you I had two tubs of "George's cream" sent from Canada, which I know is excellent for this purpose. I had the honor to wash and clean his feet, give him a bunch of new pairs of socks and shoes and teach his parents how to care for his skin problems. Although he will likely always deal with sensitive skin and flareups, I am happy to report that his feet are looking so much better! His parents make him wear the socks almost all the time, which keeps out the dirty sand and infections sources as much as possible. Hard to do when you live in a hut where the floor itself is sand! (notice he is still grinning and playing with bubbles!)



Thank you for supporting us here. People like Souliman brighten our days and without your support (and generous care packages of cream!) we wouldn't be able to be here. We have the privilege of taking care of people here, including Souliman, and my life is richer for him.  I hope one day you can come to visit and meet him for yourself!!


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Awesome kid. Thanks for sharing this.