Thursday, April 09, 2009

Celebrations, Bowling, and Amusement Parks - Burkina Faso style!

Lets start this installment with the celebrations! Our dear friends the Marineau family were celebrated for having finished two years of Tamasheq language study and now moving more fully into work here. It has been a hard road for them with a very hard language and no teachers, etc. Please pray for their continued language success and rejoice with us for their success this far!



It has been a long time since I bowled! But while in Ouaga we wanted to take full advantage of any fun activity that we could find. So our team went out to a bowling alley! In typical african fashion things broke down, including the electrical system being overloaded which resulted in no air-conditioning, but a great time was had by all. Times of fun with the team are really important to our lives together. If we have only work and no joy, it is hard to function as a family! I even won the girls lane! (with a whopping 94!)

Joelle in action


Lots of the team laughing and enjoying the fun! Notice we can wear pants and even tank tops in Ouaga, what joys!

Amusement Park Faso

One place that was so fun we had to go there twice (once after the conference on holiday days) was Park Faso. the first time we went we had almost the whole place to ourselves too. It is an amusement Park. I like to call it there place where other amusement park rides go to die. Only half the rides were working, but man the kids sure loved it! (Adults too!) The most popular ride was the Merry go Round.

Bennett and Arielle hamming it up


Auntie Kristi on the merry go round


Another favorite area was the ball pit. I am horrified by how nasty, dirty and disease ridden these ball pits notoriously area. But when there is so little else to do..... don't worry, I practically bathed my kids in disinfectant after their time here.


All the kids on the team, together in one place! Can you see all 8 of them?

Things got a little heated around the foosball table too. And I am not just talking about the sweat dripping off all these guys! The game was on, with East (Quebecers) vs. West (Albertans)!



Sophie and I enjoying a talk and watching the kids play. I am on the left for all of you who forget what I look like :)

Arielle relaxing in an old tire while her brother zipped around the bumper cars. She liked the merry go round better!

And lastly, one last pic that Kristi especially wanted. After all, who can resist a giant elephant with a big brown....slide....coming out of his bum!



Stay tuned for the next installment!


Follow the Yellow Brick Road said...

Love the last picture! That is hilarious! It would make more sense to have the slide come out of it's nose. Haha~

Steve and Kerri said...

Hey Chantelle,

We are so glad to see that you guys were able to take some down time to hang out and relax. It looks like you had a lot of fun. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into updating your blog for all us who aren't able to experience Africa for ourselves right now. We're praying for you guys!


Bryan said...

I remember peeing in the ball pit at West Edmonton Mall (as a kid, mind you). I can't imagine what's gone on in that ball pit, LOL!