Thursday, April 02, 2009

Arielle turns 3



Dear Arielle,

You turned three a few days ago. I am sorry we spent 9 hours in the truck, driving across the scrub brush desert in the blazing heat to another country. You didn't even get any cake. When we stopped at the Burkina Faso border you did get to get out of the car for half an hour and dance and sing though, and you seemed to like that (as well as the border guards who loved interacting with you while you told them stories and sung).


I look back at where you were a year ago. We were in Red Deer, taking some time before we moved to Africa. We have come a long way since then. I look at the way you are learning to trust. I love the way you can fall asleep in my arms now and you never could before. I love how you aren't freaked out by adults and that you are finding your voice. We can hear you now! We rejoice my dear daughter that you trust us enough to let your voice be heard and shout rather than whisper. You are slowly getting better motor skills too, and i think all our obstacle courses are helping with that.


You still look kinda goofy when you run, but yet you can run! We continue to pray over your body, your spirit and your path here with us in Africa. I Praise God for the gift he gave us with you, even in the hard times. You have so many people who love you, so many people who pray for you. 


And you know who made you special - God did !

Happy Birthday Arielle!!



Anonymous said...

Amen! heather

Jemma said...

A beautiful post for a beautiful little girl. Thanks for sharing your family with us through your blog. It was a very big pleasure for us to meet your kids.