Thursday, April 02, 2009

All I really want is...some peace and quiet.


Last week we took some time off as a family to recuperate from the survey project and the huge commitment of time that project entailed. We found the nicest pool in town thus far and enjoyed that one afternoon, got caught up on things around the house, got back to my overflowing email inbox, and spent more time being spiritually refreshed through worship and reading. I spent lots of time on my guitar this week! One morning, Paul and I sent the kids off to their school for the morning, and we packed up Paul's bike, my camera gear, and snacks. (Of course...what outing couldn't be made better with snacks!). We headed out of town, not too far, but far enough that town and houses and huts were far behind. We parked in a really cool washout area with neat rock and sand formations. Paul's joy for mountain biking is hard to quench here in Niger, but this morning he had a chance for some fun!

paul1 Paul2

We enjoyed being left alone. No one asking us for money, no one asking for us to fix things, no one trying to selling us things, begging or otherwise needing our attention. Peace and quiet is a rare gift indeed here in Niger!

We almost made it a complete success in being left alone except for these two boys. They went by on a donkey cart and thought that we looked much more interesting than what they were going to do. So they stopped and hung out, a respectful distance away, and watched us. Sort of like zoo animals the didn't quite know what to do with. But when Paul jumped his bike off high things they clapped in delight. No harm done!


Alas, Paul's mountain biking glory was short-lived. All over the place were branches and pieces of the local trees. And they all have huge thorns. He rode and suspected he had punctured a tire, so he made one more quick jump on an almost flat, and called it a day for riding. Now to research some product to put into his tires that helps protect against punctures!


So once I was done my role as paparazzi of his biking adventures, I grabbed my magazine, some popcorn and my lawnchair and went to seek some solitude of my own.


Did I mention you can't get any solitude in Niamey, and have to look long and far to get away and be left alone?


And no one bugged me. Not even the goats. Ah....peace and quiet !!!


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Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhh! I need my solitude...OMG - what a barren land. heather