Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Community garden update

So as all you who read our blog know, we are working on a community garden project just outside our house. I am happy to report that the majority of what we planted is growing really well! I keep reminding my employees and others involved in the project to keep eating the veggies that are ready or else they will waste.  We just had to build metal basket tower thingies (pic below) to hold up the tomato plants. They were growing over 5 feet long sometimes and weighing down all the other plants. Now they are mostly all upright, tied gently with cloth to support them, and all the tomatoes are getting lots of sun. We have over a hundred tomatoes (mostly still green) on the vines as we speak!




The cabbage/lettuce beds are also growing great. The lettuce is between the cabbage and it is ready now while the cabbage continue to grow. The project participants were thrilled to see how the planting and spacing worked out really well.


And finally here is some of the "veggies" of our labor - a big bowl full of fresh dug out sweet potatoes from our mounds. Second planting just went in. We learned a lot from this crop and I think the second will be even better!


On the people side, we are also learning a lot by this project. Some people are thrilled to be part of it and recognize that a diet of millet alone isn't going to give them the nutrition their body needs to stay strong. They are excited to learn how to water more efficiently and how they can start their own garden at home since we are using local soil and local manure and local seeds. Their main problem is of course water. Others (ok one really) is grumpy and says he is only watering and caring for it to protect "OUR" (meaning Paul and mine's) investment of time and money. I told him to stop watering it and participating then, since this isn't our project or our benefit, its theirs. And if he isn't interested in the benefit, then stop his part of the work and others will fill in. He said a little bit of veggies won't solve all his problems. Really? And here I thought we were brokering world peace and an end to world hunger here.... Seriously though, we are learning lots and growing in our understanding of the people around us. Everything is one step at a time. And also, the eggplants, mint, garlic and ginger is also growing, but not yet ready to eat. Good stuff is growing!

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Anonymous said...

The garden looks amazing. I wish my garden here looked that healthy. heather