Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bennett turns 4!

This past week,on the 5th to be exact, Bennett turned 4 years old! At first he thought he didn't want to grow up and that he wanted to stay three forever, but pretty soon that ideas of birthday, cake and being bigger (thus one step closer to us letting him have gum and coffee) outweighed his hesitations and he fully embraced being 4!

So here are some of my thoughts and recent photos of you for all to enjoy and to celebrate you even though they are far away. (Our joint birthday party for the kids is this Sunday and Arielle turns 3 in about 2 weeks!)


This photo was taken on his birthday itself. We happened to be out in the bush for a few days doing some survey work, but Bennett was happy to be there and run around and chase animals etc. There was even a camel a few feet from our tent! Good times.


Bennett has also decided he is big enough to drive, so here he is. (Don't worry he is on Paul's lap on the dirt road) He knows however that he still has a few more years to go before we allow him to chew gum or drink coffee. Baby steps!


You love anything that it physical and requires running, jumping and moving around. Here you are enjoying our homemade zip line with Arielle!



And also enjoying our homemade balance beams and obstacle courses.



Bennett is finally beginning to embrace Africa. He still makes disparaging comments about not liking the "french people", much to my amusement. He misses everyone speaking English that he can understand and thus sometimes just decides he doesn't like french people for the day again. But now that he is in a french preschool since September he likes his friends there and is actively learning to play and sing in french, and he likes it! He says there are many things he likes about Africa- such as his extended "family" here, all the animals, warm weather and the cool playground obstacle courses we make in our backyard. But he still thinks it is too bumpy here (bad dirt roads everywhere) and that he misses some special people from back home. But he is making friends and embracing the experience and I am so proud of him for that.  For those of you who have me on facebook, check out the video I recently uploaded of him singing to the kids in this picture!


Bennett you are also such a good big brother. Arielle really is your best friend and you are at a loss even after one day if you aren't together. You make sure she always has her share of a snack, remind her to put her stuff away, and are rarely bossy. I know she loves you more than anyone.


You are rambunctious and a daredevil like your father too. If he jumps off a bench, you go right after him. You are very physically agile and sure on your feet. I am amazed how strong you are already!




You love all the animals here and would be happy to have any of them for a pet. For now we will just visit them in the streets and the homes of others. I am not cleaning up after a camel!


So happy (belated) birthday my little man. Your greatest gift to us is your huge smile and how you laugh so hard everyday and are pure joy. You love to snuggle and freely hand out hugs and kisses all day too. I love that about you. And when I say I love you, you always say "I love you more!".

Well I love you most little B. Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Sons and moms are a special relationship. I too exchange the love words between my son "I love you more" - with each passing day. What a gift. heather