Sunday, November 02, 2008

What is that SMELL!????

This morning we were outside talking with visitors and I realized there was a really disgusting smell in the hair. Sort of like what you smell if you burn human hair. Turns out the neighbors had purchased a "treat" of a goat head and were burning off all its hair before they cooked it. I seriously felt nauseous. Now all day that burning goat smell hangs in the air and has permeated the house, our clothes, our sheets, etc. Yuck.

Even better yet, there are garbage piles and weeds piled up everywhere that are being lit on fire too. Is this a national past-time that no one informed me of? Maybe they started burning everything since it is cooler now (mid 30s in the day and high 20s at night) and they can handle the extra heat from a fire.

When my laundry was drying on the line these last few days it came in smelling like smoke. Its not like I have the option of putting it in a dryer, so i think in smoky times I will have to drape it over all the furniture around the house, to make it a little less smoky I guess. So much for that wonderful fresh dried on the line smell from back home. Never smells very good here. Now it's even worse.

Anyhow, I am headed to bed,but i think ill need to spray perfume or something on my pillowcase to overpower the burning smell. Or maybe I should look around and make sure nothing in my house is on fire. Yes, the smell is that strong. Bad part about living in a hot country where your windows are always open - you smell like the outside smells.

Wish me luck.


Ellie said...

oh yuck!

ATL said...

Chantelle... thanks for the mental and actual image this morning. I always check my blogs in the morning while I eat my breakfast - particularly appetizing this morning :-) I feel for you because (fresh!) line-dried sheets are definitely the best. A said...

Hi! I am visiting over from Coffeegirl Confessions.

A thought I often mull around in my mind is the smell of poverty. Though it would be more accurate to say the stench of poverty it also sounds harsh and cynical. The smoke that comes from burning rituals is high on that list of scents.

Great picture too.


kimom said...

If you've ever eaten the stew prepared without the burning process (yes, lots of hair involved), you might not hate it quite as much. It's still pretty nasty though. I'm asthmatic and always struggle with smoky situations or bad pollution. Will there be any rain in your future to clear it up at all?