Thursday, November 06, 2008

Seeing through new eyes

So it seems we have being doing a lot lately and i keep showing up in your inbox for those of you who are subscribed! I know, you may be getting sick of me, but there is always a lot to tell here!

On Wednesday we decided to go to the little local "zoo" with the kids, and to bring the youngest neighbor boy Boobay. I say "zoo" because it really is a pathetic attempt at a zoo and the animals are in pretty awful conditions. Gives us good opportunities to discuss stuff like that with the kids. But they also enjoy watching the hippos, crocs, boars, monkeys, etc. The lions are always the biggest hit and we watch them for a while. There is a small park in the centre with a huge tall slide that the kids love and swings. We always stop here for half an hour or so,eat our popcorn treat and burn off some energy.

I mentioned we brought boobay right? Well he speaks zarma, and just a little french. We speak no zarma at all. Zip. So it makes it a little interesting and I wasnt sure if he was having fun or just so nervous that he didnt know what to do. You see, they never leave the little community they live in, have never driven in a truck, he has never seen most of these animals, or had a whole pop to himself! He drank his Fanta so fast with a huge, orange pop grin on his face. By the time we were even half done the zoo his enthusiasm was obvious and he got over being nervous and him and Bennett had a wonderful time! It was a good lesson for us as well to see things new, with awe, through fresh eyes.

We are very aware how much even a little love and care and attention can go in their lives. We are wanting to take them on excursions, show them they are special, and teach them little things about health, school, etc along the way. They love it when we spend time with them each day and tonight they were all hollering for Bennett to come out and play soccer with them.

Anyhow, here are some of the pictures from the zoo outing.

Boobay taking a break and enjoying all the kids at the park, smiling.

Bennett and Boobay going down the big slide, side by side.

Arielle, sweet as ever.

We went up on the roof of our house today and were taking in the world below us. We are thinking of putting a little gazebo up there so we can sleep there in the hot season and get some air movement.

Here is the main view outside our house:

looking south

looking north

Over the north wall is also where our neighbor family lives. As i have mentioned before they are squatters in a yard where a house is slowly being built. they used to live in our yard when it looked like this too.

When it is warm they sleep here outside. The also do all their cooking here. There is no running water or proper latrine.

They have also taken over one of the rough bricked in rooms in the house. You can see the roof they have built with sticks and plastic and grass mats to keep the rain out.

Boobay and one of his brothers, Mouktar, fooling around.


We have somewhat adopted this little family. We are doing our best to share love with them,help them, teach them, and share with them. It seems so little to pay for school books, bring over fruit, play soccer,etc. But I know it is the little things that count in the end. Thank you for partnering with us. Thank you for praying for this family and for sharing your concern for them. We are extensions of you.


finding::God::in the everyday said...

Hello, I came your way through the "Coffee Girl Confessions" blog & I'm so glad that I did. I laughed at first reading about the local "zoo"...I just took my kids to one of those last week here. It's a far cry from the zoo life we've know before. I love the relationship you have with your them like Jesus, that's exactly what we're instructed to do & it seems that you are doing it beautifully!

Where exactly are you located? We are in the Philippines. Thank you for allowing us to share in your world and ministry.

~~Your new friend in Christ,

OasisLady said...

I absolutely LOVE going into your blog and not only reading your descriptions of life in your adopted country, but seeing it all through the eyes of your lens. You are such an artist...but then we always knew that!!
Putting a gazebo on the roof sounds like a great idea. Have Paul get the materials and we will come and help you build it in December!! We can hardly wait to view all of this for ourselves. See you Dec 4th!!
Love always, Oasis Lady &:>)

Cindy said...

Hi Chantelle!

Love the pictures! I remember my visit trip to the 'zoo'...Not many animals but the batiks were great!

Yes, one day we will have to meet 'face à face'..we will be in the city in January, let's make a date :)


Anonymous said...

What beautiful children - amazing pix again Chantelle.. you're a wizard with that camera girl. Sounds like you're all doing well PTL. Love and hugs to all of you. heather

andrea said...

Your story about the zoo totally made me laugh - it reminded me of when we were in Kenya and some local people wanted us to go to the local animal orphanage (this, after multiple days of being on Safari). We thought we would go because of the animal orphan/rescue element. There were definitely animals and not that they ever necessarily outgrow being an orphan, but when the lion has been there for 14 years I think you can really call yourself a zoo! We had such a good laugh about being at a zoo only hours after being on safari, but the locals were happy we had gone (oh, and the highlight was they let us pet some cheetahs!).

Your photos continue to tell a beautiful story... A