Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving & Baseball

This weekend was a busy one for us Canadians here in Niger. Not only was it the annual softball tournament, hosted by the American Embassy and Sahel school, but it was also Thanksgiving! So we ran back and forth all weekend and now are thoroughly tired! But as always, we will let you in on some of the fun

Paul played this year on the Nomads ball team, the majority of which is missionaries. They had a really fun team, and although they didn't win the tournament, they had a lot of fun, got some sun, and enjoyed the crowds and carnival atmosphere.

The team (sponsored by the media giant "Orange")

Paul in his sponsor t-shirt

Paul running hard for first base

The turtle running even harder for home

The turtle in the field. The game continues on around him, and there are even special rules about whether it is in play if it hits him etc. After all, its HIS field!

George up close and personal

While Paul was busy playing 4 ball games over the weekend, the kids and I enjoyed the park, the pool and all the other kids gathered. Here are some pictures of their fun!


We just got back from spending a day in Tillaberri, the next town down the road to Mali, about an hour away. It is much smaller and quieter there and we fully enjoyed our time. We went up early to spend time with the Marineau family and the rest of the team followed this morning. We had a great time hanging out together, praying for their new home, and having a big Thanksgiving meal together. I had great pictures to show you of their house, a huge locust, the kids all decked up in the thanksgiving best, and the road out there. Alas disaster has struck. I transferred all my photos tonight same as I usually do. But they were not in their destination when I went to find them. Nor were they still on the memory card. Nor are they in any other file, trash can or searchable location of my computer. Poof. They are gone :(
So alas, you get a picture of a stickbug. Very cool camouflage, but not exactly what I had intended.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Also, for you all you Canadians - get out and vote!! (Paul and I voted two weeks ago via mail in special ballot). It's so great to be living across the world in one of the worlds poorest and least developed countries, and still be able to exercise our privilege and duty to vote and care about our government. That's a privilege many here will never even know. Don't take it for granted.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend. Everyone is looking great! Love you!

toomanywhatifs said...

I LOVE the turtle! So funny! So glad you have some sense of 'normalcy' once in a while!

toomanywhatifs said...

I LOVE the turtle! So funny! It so nice that you get to have a sense of 'normalcy' sometimes!