Friday, October 10, 2008

Teachers needed

Hi there. So I'm making a public service announcment for the christian expatriate school here in Niamey, where several of our co-workers children attend, and possibly ours as well in the next few years if we go that route ( so many choices- homeschooling, french school, expat school etc). It is called Sahel Academy They are is desperate need of teachers. For this year, the school year has begun and they do not have a math teacher for junior and senior high or a language arts teacher. A few volunteers are trying to step in to fill the gap, but the kids are only getting a few hours a week and are rapidly feeling the crunch. Can you help? Are you a teacher, or know someone who is, that could come for the rest of the year? How about next year, or even the year after? Are you an Education student at University who needs student teaching experience or wants a year abroad? Every year Sahel Academy suffers greatly for teachers. Have you ever thought of teaching overseas (or know someone who has-send them this blog!). Do you love the idea of nice small, personal classes! You can plan ahead and come to Niger! Think of the amazing experience you would live out and you would be such a blessing to the kids in Niger, many of whom are here with their families and are involved in missionary or development work. And of course you get the cool added benefit of hanging out with Paul and I! (Colin- I've got my eye on you!! :) Danielle- want another year abroad? :)

Here are some of the positions that need to be filled each year as an example:
Arts - Visual
High School
Middle Grades
Music Education
Physical Education
Special Needs
Teacher's Aide

Here is a link to the staff information on the school website. Check it out!!

I don't know much about the logistics of the school, volunteer information or pay,etc you would have to look into that.

Here are also a few pictures of the school to whet your appetite! (thanks to a couple of people whose photos i grabbed off the web for it too)

The School layout from above. The huge compound includes classrooms, a gym, a ball diamond, an outside multi-sport terrain, a playground, several rows of classrooms, a dorm house, a large meeting room (where the expat church meets sunday nights) etc.

The turtle who lives on the school yard. A giant one that the kids play with and wanders around.

One of the rows of school classrooms, all looking out into the courtyard, where they have grass! (no small miraculous feat here in Niger!)

One of the courtyards by the classrooms

The playground

Please remember Sahel Academy, and places like it around the world. In many countries, it is an oasis for children that allows the parents to be there and do their work without sacrificing their family. And if you come, I will make you my amazing homemade ice cream. Promise.


Anonymous said...

Praying that this will reach the hearts and ears of those who will answer the call to fill a position.

Love and hugs to all-heather

michaeledlavitch said...

Have you tried the online Math Games at Hooda Math yet?