Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our vehicle has arrived!

Two posts in one day, I'm good! (Really I am just trying to minimize the numbers of emails my subscribers get!) There is another new post directly under this one for you to read!

The Good news - Our truck has arrived!! We have been borrowing vehicles since we arrived while we waited for ours to arrive and clear customs.
For all of you vehicle types who like the details - We have a used 1999 Toyota LandCruiser HZJ77. For those of you who don't know the Toyota series, this is a diesel 4 door wagon. The 70 series is the toughest vehicles that Toyota makes and, according to Paul, possibly the toughest vehicles on the planet. Just ask the africans who have pushed these vehicles to their limits for many years. It has 32 inch tires , a 4 inch lift and a factory PTO winch. The winch is rated for 10,000 pounds, but was bench tested at 22.000 pounds. It has 73,000 kilometres on it. It is 4 wheel drive (of course). It is also a right hand drive! That means the steering wheel is on the right and I am going to have to learn to shift with my left hand, shoulder check right, left check mirrors, etc. Paul is building a back bumper, front bush bars for the bumper, roof rack transport system and a snorkel to complete the package as he has the time (its his fun hobby time and he loves doing it!)

We really could not have asked for a more perfect, tough or durable vehicle for the types of roads we will travel here in Niger, and the fact that we bought it used and for an awesome price allows us to be good stewards with the money God has provided through many of you, which is very important to us. This vehicle belongs to GDA (our development organization here in Niger) and we drive it for our ministry & work. We also do pay personal mileage on it for when we use it for personal trips in case you were wondering how it works out here.

This truck was bought through an organization that supplies and sources vehicles for missionaries around the world. Our particular vehicle is from Japan and was shipped here along with another awesome used LandCruiser for our teammates the Marineaus.

Paul is thrilled, his love of all things LandCruiser has come home again! (We used to have one in Canada too)

Thank you again for partnering with us in all the ways that allow us to work here. We look forward to giving you more tales from the field as this truck takes us into the outermost parts of the country!


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Niger news

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Another prayer answered!.... heather - All intacked!

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Bryan said...

Drive it like you stole it!