Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ode to you Readers!

Can you believe how fast this past year has flown by? Shortly after we arrived in Quebec for language study I started a tracker on my blog which records number of hits and location of the vistors. We had 5,749 hits on my blog from Aug 4 2007 to Aug 4 2008! (which is my cycle year). WOW! And I know the actual visits could have been a bit higher too but those of you who get the subscribed version in your email inbox and don't click the link to go to the actual blog but read the content in the email don't count in the total (click the link in the email to read it here! Looks cooler in the original site!) How awesome to know people enjoy reading and following us, and thank you for your interest in our work!

One interesting thing that the tracker provides is location/saturation dots. You can see below the map that plots the visits. The bigger the dot, the more hits from that location. (You can always see a current live version of this by clicking on the little map thumbnail on the right of the blog) It has been reset now and is starting a new count, showing I've already had 62 hits in 5 days! The most interesting thing to me was always the map. Some of you I know well and love seeing your big red dot! I have good friends in Switzerland, Alaska, Quebec, Toronto and Los Angeles, Pauls parents are in Dubai. family in Red Deer, Calgary and Denver. Hi guys! I see those dots! But intriguing to me is the dots, especially those that are bigger and indicate more hits, in places I am not sure who i know there, or did we ever even meet at all? I feel like we have this relationship going and yet I dont even know you! For example, who lives on the west side of the Hudsons Bay in Canada? Who is following us from South Africa? What about some of those other big Europe dots? There are lots of bigger dots in the USA and Im not sure who you belong to!

So, I would like those of you who read my blog to leave a comment! You can click comments at the bottom of the blog (you dont have to sign in or anything, you can leave it as an anonymous post -just add your name in the comment field). Please let me know who you are and where you are from!! Especially those of you I might not know! (but all you others too please!) For those of you who I might not know yet, but who would like to also receive our monthly newsletter via email, please let me know that too! So I've titled this post - Ode to you Readers! I am thankful for your participation and love for us and can't wait to hear who is all out there!

Please leave the comment!!


Scuzzlewump said...

Hi Chantelle. I'm reading from Regina, SK
Deborah Johnston (Debbie Scott from high school to you! :-) )

Phil and Jenn said...

Hi Chantelle, my name is Jennifer and I used to attend the Alliance church in Kamloops with Paul (Leanne and I were best friends growing up!). I am reading your blog from Edmonton Alberta (I discovered it through a friend - Wilbert Yee). It has been exciting to see your journey thus far and I look forward to seeing more!

Jemma said...

Hi Chantelle! I am Jemma, used to be Tjosvold. Part of the big red Vancouver dot. And I follow your blog because a big part of my heart is in Niger with you. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Keep posting the great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chantelle!

This is Connie Russell, and although I don't work at the WDO any more, I still love reading your blog, seeing your pics, and hearing what you're up to. We're still in Calgary...hope you find out where everyone else is from too!

Charlotte said...

Hi Chantelle, Love reading your blog. I learned to drive in Australia ( right hand drive ), then re-learned in Langley. Every trip back to Aus, took lots of concentration while driving. Windshield wipers madly going in the desert!!
we met at HHAC PrayerCare group,

PS Who else do you know in SE Australia? ( red dot)

Grammy said...

Hola, I'm in Costa Rica with my husband learning Spanish. We will leave for Ecuador in the spring