Friday, June 06, 2008

The container has arrived!

So i thought about possible titles for this post, and here were some of the runner-ups

1) Africa's internet hole (thus why you haven't heard from me)
2) Sheep! Goats! Dirty! Bumpy! (what Bennett says everytime we drive)
3) 44 degrees? HAHA! I laugh in the face of heat!
4) The toilet seat that never was. (Brand new house - first time I sat on the cheap plastic seat it shattered under my bum. Ouch)

But I guess the biggest news (and thus winning the title competition) is that our container arrived, cleared customs in record time and was delivered to our house on Tuesday!! What a wonderful sight to see it still fully sealed and everything intact. In fact, with all of our unpacking, we have only found one thing that broke in transit, one of Paul's toiletries things. Praise the Lord! (not for his toiletry breaking - but for all the rest!). My 3 cases of Dr Pepper (my special treats) are still sealed in the crates with all of Paul's tools for the welding shop here and I hope to see if they made in intact by this time next week. If not, I think he will have a lot of sticky tools! So we now have everything in our house and have begun the large task of unpacking and setting up. The house we are in, while large and "new" by Niger standards, wouldn't pass building or health inspection in Canada. We are getting the washer plumbed in tomorrow, Paul got the stove working tonight after hours in the market with our guard finding parts, and overall its dirty and very poor workmanship. Its funny sometimes to really see the difference in expectations in workmanship and expectation for culture to culture and we are enjoying the opportunity to learn the culture, find things on our own, rough it and work alongside our national workers while we get settled. What a great place and we are truly excited!

Our container arriving at our gate and beginning the unloading process. Woohoo!

After it was emptied, they spent hours trying to position it INSIDE our yard. As of today it only made it half way and sits in a very irritating spot, but we may have to wait a month to get it to move the rest of the way. Everything takes longer in Africa! Notice some of the multiple safety violations! We thank God that no one was injured through all the crazy things they did.

This afternoon my thermometer registered 44 degrees celsius outside and 36 degrees inside. So we drink A LOT of cold water here, I find I don't eat as much, and we actually have managed pretty good! Just my feet are sore from heat and concrete floors. The kids are doing great. They both have a bit of heat rash, but it doesnt seem to bother them and they are loving all the sand etc. Bennett especially seems enthralled with everything!

The internet here continues to be poor where we are staying and we are sorry we havent been in touch more. Feel free to direct people here to read our update. Hopefully when we get into our house full-time we will have a better connection. So please continue to talk to us and we read it and will try to get back to you asap!

We are here, we are thrilled and we are adjusting. We couldn't ask for anything more.



Follow the Yellow Brick Road said...

We are happy to hear that the "rest" of you has finally arrived! We are constantly thinking of you and praying for you! Glad to hear things are going well! Love you 4!!

Daniel K said...

Nice to hear from you, and I see our prayers for the container were answered. Will add a prayer for the Dr. Pepper and it's safety, lol. Glad to hear the kids are doing well and enjoying the sand. It has been very cool lately and raining, and stormy around Sylvan Lake. It is hard to believe your in Niger and that you have internet of any kind. Thank you for the images, and the entertaining update, will continue to pray for all of you, and your dr pepper, Hugz to you all, God Bless you all. Take Care....

andrea.kyle said...

So glad to hear you all arrived safely and that now your things have arrived as well (I'm holding out that your Dr. Pepper will be A-Ok!). I have to say that right today, I am envious of the heat (we've been cold and rainy here for over a week with no end in sight to that forecast). I jyst checked the 10-day forecast for Sweden (we leave next Sunday) and it doesn't look any better.

Anonymous said...

I'm w/ Daniel K - PTL for answered prayer. 44 degrees...ugh... praying now for rain.... asked GOd to move it from Calgary and use it in Niger for the folks and the crops. Can't get you off my mind these days... that's how it's suppose to be. Lots of love and hugs coming your way. heather