Sunday, June 01, 2008

Arrival in Niger!

I am sorry this update is a little late, but as you can probably imagine, the internet here has more holes than swiss cheese.

We have arrived safely at 2 am our time here on Saturday morning. Most of the team was all there waiting to greet us and we had a mini party at 3am (once we got through customs, health officials and baggage! All of our luggage arrived safely with minimal hassle.

It was 30 degreees C when we arrived at 2am and will likely be 40 during the day today. So we are working on adjusting to both timezone and heat. The kids did great on the flights.

The shipping container with all our belongings has reached Niger customs, so join us in praying for a quick exit with all the paperwork intact this week! Woohoo! IT MADE IT!

We visited our new house yesterday and are getting ready for the work of getting it all set up to be a home, including such things as getting mats on the roof to reduce the inside heat levels, putting up curtains, installing shelves in all the closets in the rooms, sweeping, massive work in the kitchen,etc. Pray for stamina! Last night it was 33 degrees in our bedroom and sleep was hard coming, especially for poor Bennett who seemed so hot and cranky and out of sorts with the time change. Please pray for the kids as they adjust. Until our house is really livable, hopefully within a few weeks, we are staying with other families.

Ièll post pictures once we get our own computer hooked up to the internet and you can see all we are enjoying. We are thrilled to be here! (As I am writing this bennett just woke up and walked in and asked for cold water and says hello to you all!)


Anonymous said...

WoooHooo, So glad you made it safetly and that things are going well. I have added your location to my daily weather list and, wow I see how hot it is, I can't imagine how warm it must feel, it was a balmy 20 today I think. Todays service was incredible, Pastor Kevin's sermon was fantastic. Next week if no one is schedualed to update the chucrh I will be glad to, during mike time. I have be praying several times a day for all of you, and will continue to. Congradulations on arriving !
God Bless all of you and protect you throught this mission.


Daniel and Linda Kroshewsky

Jennifer said...

Hey guys! Thanks so much for keeping all of us on how you guys are doing. We're so delighted that you arrived safety and trust that God will continue to guide and protect as He sees fit. Thanks so much for the letter Chantelle - it arrived today. Looking forward to hearing the next container update - we'll keep praying... where's the truck that you guys got from japan? Is it in Niger yet?
Love you all very much - Jen

Princess Pamela said...

Praise God for your safe arrival and for your container being there as well! Sounds like a good start to your new life.

Keeping you close in prayer - that your house soon becomes a home, and that you will quickly be making an impact in the lives of those around you.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart for letting us know all is well. PTL for His Hand on everything... luggage, health, home and especially you four. heather

Linda said...

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy to hear that you guys made it safely and that everything is going well so far! We have been thinking about you! Hugs to all,
love stacy and shawn