Friday, May 23, 2008

6 Days

We only have 6 days left. I feel like we are making a dent in the huge amounts of packing, cleaning and organizing that we have to do, but I'm still bug-eyed at the amount we have left. And finding out that Royal Air Maroc (2nd half of our flight) only allows 1/4 of the carry-on luggage allowance than WestJet (first half of our flight) is disturbing. I had planned to carry my laptop, camera, external hard drive and camcorder with us as carryon, but now we wont be able to for the second leg. I'm nervous that whatever ones I pick to put in checked baggage will never be seen again.
*grumble* Trying to avoid paying any extra baggage fees, but I think we may also need one more than allowed baggage too. What makes that bad is we have to hand transfer our mound of luggage through the Montreal airport to check in with the second airline ourselves.

Our nursing of Arielle through the flu at 15 days left (my last post) turned into a 2 day hospital stay for her, we had an AWESOME sendoff from Sylvan Lake Alliance, I bought a guitar and bruised my fingertips learning to play, and otherwise all our time is packing and cleaning. We travel to Calgary again tomorrow for some last meetings, and then a Rockyview farewell on Sunday. Our passports and visas got here today...YIPPEE! But some books I ordered and a replacement camera battery are still M.I.A inspite of the fact they should have arrived LAST week. Murphys Law- I have no time to wait, so everything will be terribly late or not show up at all.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us.

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toomanywhatifs said...

just checking in... glad to hear that Arielle is doing better.

I'm overwhelmed by the state of disaster that passes for my 'office, so I can't even imagine trying to pack the whole family for an international move...
You are very brave! God be with you.. making your paths straight