Thursday, March 06, 2008

A sense of homelessness

For 8 months now I have been without a home, and yet always had a place to put my stuff. I am learning what home means, how to create it in my heart and with my husband, and to truly value the fleeting instances I see and feel home. I have felt grieved, adrift and in despair at times over this lack of home. The emotional aspects of home have surprised me. And yet I continue to learn. We are not meant to feel at home here, we are always to yearn for heaven, our eternal home. I have new insight into what that means and rejoice that my eternal home is there for me. I shall never be unmoored and homeless for very long. This life is but a breath.

"To be rendered homeless—whether by hurricane, poverty, or choice—is to be deprived of not simply physical shelter but emotional refuge. Home is where we return to, where we stop and rest and think, where we piece together the new pictures in our minds and try to make sense of our planet. Without home, we are unmoored.

And it's a literary lie that you can never go home again. Somehow, like a boomerang, most of us do. It may take a lot of trying and time before we get there. It may be a different home, it may be a home we build or rebuild, but it is home nonetheless: a physical place, a family or friends or both, a community."

- Mark Jenkins, Outside Magazine, January 2006

"All who wander are not lost" J.R.R. Tolkien

Be thankful today for your home, the people who make it home, and the strength it gives you. And please pray for many around the world who leave theirs, who recreate it elsewhere. And never lose sight of your eternal home and yearn for it.


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Anonymous said...

Oh sweetheart! You have no idea how timely this message is. With M having to move to another place and me feeling displaced right now. Thank you - I love you