Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Plants Part 3

This is the last installment of our Toronto trip.

Here is Paul working with his korean language tutor. For 8 hours over the 2 weeks we got to meet with a language tutor to practive all the tools and tricks we were learning to acquire language. They couldn't find anyone who could speak Tamasheq or Fulfulde, so we got to learn Korean! So what did we learn?
- names of family members ( mother, father, boy,girl,baby, grandma, grandpa)
- names of items of clothing
- names of desktop items (pen,pencil,book, etc)
- table setting items (bowl,plate,cup,etc)
- modes of transportation (walk,bike,bus,car)
- locations (office, home, church, airport, hospital)
- common greetings
- commands (stand up, sit down, pick up, put down, eat, drink, etc)

And then we learned basic sentence structure to be able to put some of these things together to say (for example) The mother walked to the church, or the grandmother took the bus to the hospital)
It was hard work but gave us confidence to learn using picture books, items and physical response techniques

Here I am getting my course certificate from the MissionPrep director

On the way home on the flight, the kids were really good. Bennett found a little friend at the airport and since we were delayed 90 minutes, they played with plastic animals and walked the Lion King together on the laptop.

During the flight Bennett talked to the flight attendants and had them all wrapped around his finger! At the end of the flight he even got to go meet the pilot and look at the cockpit! Lucky boy!

So why all the special treatment? Check out his shirt on the flight...he was one of the them!


Kristi Hopf: said...

That is so awesome that Bennett was able to see the cockpit. So cool. And cute little t-shirt!

Jen Frentz said...

Well I'm proud to have Bennett as a fellow WestJetter.
We love you guys and look forward to being in touch soon - did you get my e-mail Chantelle?