Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The "One-eyed wonder" gets new depth perception

Hi. Weird title eh. (see...look how Canadian I am. I even say Eh on my blog!)
I have always been a one-eyed wonder. That means I am a part of the 5% of the population who has one eye that stays totally perfect while the other one changes and weakens over time like normal eyes. When I was in junior high school I started needing to wear glasses (which i HATED) and eventually contacts because my left eye was weak and became blurry. My right eye stayed the same. Ever since then I have worn glasses (rarely) or one contact for my left eye. I had many people ask me if it was weird only wearing one contact, or if I felt imbalanced from it. I admit to being imbalanced sometimes, but it had nothing to do with my eyes! *grins*
So for the last 20 or so years I have had one perfect eye that never changed (right side) and one slowly weakening eye that needed help to see. It was sort of nice since if I forgot to put my contact in, or when I got up in the morning, I could still see pretty good. Mostly it was my depth perception that was thrown off by the imbalance. Maybe they thought that the weight of the one contact would make my head tilt to one side or something? Anyhow, I digress.
I have a theory. I could be totally wrong, but I've always wondered if I caused it to happen. You see, in elementary school and Junior high school I loved to read. Still do. But back then I had to go to bed and lights out by a certain time. I never wanted to put down my book, so i would read by the light of the readout on my digital clock. Yeah..crazy I know. I would hold my book up to that little number readout, squint, and read for a long time. Not sure my parents ever knew that...but I guess they will now! hahah. But when i squinted, I found that i squinted my left eye and fully closed my right eye to read better. SO my left eye was getting strained and my right eye was safe. Anyhow, its all just a theory.

So why a blog post about all this? Well, its relevant to what is going on in our lives! Paul and I had discussed for several years about me getting corrective surgery on my one eye. As we move closer to leaving for Niger, which is the land of eternal sand on the Sahara desert, wind storms, multiple days in the villages with no way of truly keeping clean hands and clean contact lenses. So we made the plunge. In very quick succession (literally a few days from start to finish) I had my assessment and surgery. Yeah, last Thursday I had laser eye surgery. Once again my perfect right eye saved me from the normal double eye surgery (and made it half price!)
I spent most of the day there. Most of it was waiting time. I would meet the optometrist, talk for 5 min, then wait 45 min to see that next person and so on. I had the eye surgery at 2:30 in the afternoon. I couldn't believe that the actual laser procedure only took about 1 minute. I layed under the machine, they made a flap in my cornea, flipped it open to reveal my eye, lasered the tissue a specific amount for my prescription, flipped the flap back and brushed it down. Voila! Very weird seeing it all happen through the eye they were working on! But completely painless. My low blood pressure made itself known and I almost passed out, but not from the surgery...maybe just the expectation? I went home and slept and by the next morning my eye felt normal. Perfect. Clear. I can see! My left eye is 20/20 vision now! And the best part, I have perfect depth perception, don't need to put any contacts in, and I can put lotion on my hands first thing in the morning without having to think of putting my contact in first. Sweet! SO that was my week. My eye feels so great. Like nothing even happened except that I can see perfectly now. If you've ever thought of getting it done - I highly recommend it! i went with Lasik Vision here in Calgary.


Kristi Hopf: said...

Congratulations!!!! Yay!!

Anonymous said...

And you have such beautiful eyes too.

Heather B