Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas 2007

We have been back in Alberta for almost a month now. We are already enjoying spending time with many of you and sharing our journey. Over Christmas, we had so much time to spend with family. We are living with Chantelle's parents and spend Christmas eve there with the kids and Great Grandma

The kids loved the Christmas tree. They were so sad when we finally took it down last week!

Then we went to Calgary to stay at Paul's brother's house where his siblings gathered and we spent some awesome times playing games, talking, and hanging out.

New backpacks from Uncle Bryan and Auntie Lisa. They didn't want to take them off that night for bed!

The whole McIver clan this Christmas

Then back in Red Deer, Chantelle's brother Chad and his family came up from Denver and joined us for another 6 days.

Bennett and Travis getting into the mood for the football games on New Years Day.

Chad & Michelle at my photo shoot :)

We also got to see many cousins, new babies, old friends and new friends.
This is Arielle with my cousin's daughter Devon.

We wish you all a wonderful New Year and hope that you had a wonderful Christmas season. We look forward to continuing the journey in 2008!

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