Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Retreat in Niagara

This past weekend I had the wonderful retreat. My very good friend Jen F surprised me a few days earlier with a weekend getaway to the Niagara region. She grew up there and her parents and family still live there in a plot of land just outside of Saint Catharines.

What a blessing to have a weekend getaway to be surrounded by peace and beautiful scenery and a great friend who knows me well.

On Saturday (which was my 31st Birthday!) We headed to Niagara Falls. I had never seen them before.

The power of the falls is amazing. The river rushing down to it is much rougher and faster than I thought it would have been. And the power and sound of that much water falling is impressive. We walked the paths along the falls and edge of the canyon and then walked the tourist streets.

After the falls we went down the road a few kilometres to the Whirlpool. We hiked down this rough steep trail to the bottom to get a geocache and take in the scenery. We got a bit muddy since my coordinates for the cache were a bit off and we scrambled up dirty rough mud to a rock where nothing was hidden :) But we found it eventually.

Then we headed to the beautiful little town of Niagara on the Lake. We stopped at a vineyard and walked around first, then walked around downtown. Jen used to work at a wine tasting store, so we went there and saw some of her old coworkers and tasted some testers of the new best wines.

Then we continued to walk around town and hit lots of little stores. Guess what store this was :) We had such a great time. After this we spent a wonderful evening with some of her friends before going home late and talking more.

Sunday saw us up bright and early to go to the church Jen and her family attended.
It was an awesome, inspirational service and I left feeling really refreshed in spirit. You can check out the webpage of the church at:

You can also access links under the sunday section to listen to music and messages to inspire you as well.

After church Jen went to spend some time with her family while I sat outside and did some reading. Jen's family has a little vineyard out back and after I was done reading, I took the time to wander through the vines, enjoying the taste of a few grapes, the sounds and peace and quiet. What a wonderful time of refreshing that I am so grateful for.

Sunday night we went for supper and stayed up late talking. That was the best thing about the weekend - a trusted old friend who loves me and encourages me so much. I am so blessed. Thank you so much Jen.


heather said...

sniff sniff... there I go again...the bawler. You two look soooo sweet. what a beautiful gift. Friendship!

Robert Campbell said...

Great article. I'm thinking of writing a piece on Geocaching in Niagara Falls. If I had of been there last August I would have definately tried to work in a Shaw Festival play... But I'm a Dumpdigger and I love all types of history.