Monday, September 24, 2007

Parc Jacques Cartier & Parc Chauveau

This Saturday we went to Jacques Cartier Park, which is about 30 mins north of Quebec City. We figured it would do us good to get out into nature and relax and enjoy the fall colors. We phoned the Nelson family fab 5 and met them en route.

We brought everything to have a picnic (hotdogs,chips,juice,fruit,etc) and went to try to find a day camp place that allowed you to have fires. Well that was easier said than done. But eventually we found one.

Parc Chauveau is inside quebec city, right close to our friends house. Bennett loved to go there because there is a small creek, and he loves throwing rocks in the water. Arielle loves exploring and I love the peace and quiet and gorgeous colors, so we all win! I brought Bennett's rain boots so he was so happy to sit on a rock with his feet in the water and play in the water. Of course he got pretty wet elsewhere still, but was so happy.

Arielle kept sneaking over the snack bag when i wasnt looking and I caught her several times with her "hand in the cookie jar" . Shes my little snack hound.

I fear in a few more weeks the wind will have taken all the bright colored leaves off the trees and the maples will be naked. I'll miss the bright mix of reds and oranges. Until then, I intend to go out lots and enjoy them, which suits the kids just fine!


Chad said...

Great pics, it looks like the kids are having such a great time. Glad you guys got to get out and relax.

heather said...

You are amazing with the camera... the colors, the children - beautiful.

Carrien said...

oooooh, pretty. Makes me want to go north again.