Saturday, September 22, 2007

Have you seen these bikes?

So a few of you heard that about a month ago Pauls Rocky Mountain ETSX-50 was stolen from Laval University while he was in classes. It was locked up with a thick cable in plain view. And yet someone walked up with big tools and took off with it. That was a hard blow for us, especially Paul. If you know Paul, you know his bike was important to him and mountain biking is his favorite thing to do in his free time.

So we decided to fly my good bike (Trek Fuel 90) out to Quebec from the safety of my parents basement so that he could still go on good rides. He bought a $200 bike to ride to and from classes and mine would always be at our apartment or under our butts. Never locked up or left in public.

Then yesterday happened. In the middle of the night, someone scaled the brick wall up to our third floor balcony (no stairs or access point) and stole my bike too. We have no idea how they managed to get up there. Scary thing is that we were sleeping only a few metres away and there is no lock on that patio door. They could have just walked into our bedrooms too. So now I dont even feel safe in my own home.

Add this to the fact our mailbox was broken into and everything ripped apart and a cheque went missing, and you will begin to feel the welcome here hasn't been so "warm".

I wont lie, this is brutally hard. A few things that we didnt give away when we moved, and were important to us and our lifestyle, have been ripped away. I can't comprehend the reason that this happened. Twice! And we certainly dont have the $8000 to replace them both now. Im afraid to leave anything of any value alone, am not safe in my own apartment, and feel discouraged and hurt. I know we left everything for a reason and are moving forward in trust and faith...but my faith doesn't feel so strong in times like this. Why do you get kicked when you are already down and live far away from anyone to pick you up? Such is the way of my thoughts. Paul is really angry too.

We thank you for your prayers and support. We know we made the committment to give it all up, to put it on the altar and trust...but those are not always easy.


Cheryl Miller said...

grrr. So sad to hear that another bike has been stolen. Definitly not a warm welcome to Quebec! My prayers are with you.

stacy said...

That is just brutal! I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck. How discouraging. Hugs to you guys!!

Princess Pamela said...


Ray and I are so sad that the bikes were stolen from you and Paul. We certainly understand your frustration and the questions that come from such actions. Please know that we will be praying for you both, for peace in your hearts despite the harshness of the theft...and that you will learn to feel safe again in your home. To me, that's the bigger violation. We're thankful that no one was hurt in either incident.

I hope that somehow, God will bring closure by having the thieves return the items safely because He has moved in their hearts. I'll pray that God will show Himself to you in all of this, no matter what else...but it really does stink!

BTW, we chatted with Myra Brown the other a school event at Ambrose College. She misses everyone very much, but I'm sure you already know that! ;-)

Be well...hugs to all.

Pam and Ray